Not just another excuse to drink

While I need no reason to throw back a cold one, I may have just had an epiphany that could assist in getting all of your single asses out of your musty apartment and (gasp) meeting new people!

As many of us singles often think about where we’re going to meet the next guy we’ll date/fuck/marry, we usually never come up with any new and improved ideas.  Instead, we reactivate our online dating profile and continue wasting time and money on a host of men, most of whom we will never meet in real life.

Perhaps I scoff at online dating because I’ve been doing it since 2003, off and on, of course.  Honestly, why should I spend my time writing e-mails and getting all excited over some words a guy wrote and a few photos that are probably from his college years?

Yes, I’m impatient.  And a tad fed up with trying to find a man when the truth is, he should be finding me.  But, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying; I’ll just change the way I go about it.

Oftentimes, I meet men when I’m casually waiting at the bar for a friend to arrive.  Promptness has always been a specialty of mine.  These men see that I am alone, approach me, and generally, offer to buy me a drink.  Later, my friend arrives, and if the guy is smart, he retrives my number.  If not, at least I got a free drink.  Sucker.

After discussing this idea with a friend, we decided that it would work even better if it was planned.  Like say, we plan to meet at 7, but I show up to the bar at 6:30.  I peruse the crowd.  If the contents look good (and if a hot man approaches me), I text her and she arrives “late.”  She profusely apologizes and hot guy is none the wiser. 

But what if I’m at the bar and no one approaches me?  What if the scene is horrible?  Should I bust out my library book? 

Hell to the no.  If you and your friend are smart, you’ll both be at different bars “waiting” on each other.  One of the watering holes is bound to have a crowd of hotties.  If not?  Down your drink, pay your tab, and agree to actually meet at another bar. Because just like birth control, sometimes a Plan B is in order.


~ by citygal on May 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “Not just another excuse to drink”

  1. This is an awesome plan! I need to try this one!

  2. Nice work! I’m totally trying that. Wait. FUCK. I keep forgetting I’m not single. (Um. Don’t tell him I said that.) But it can’t hurt just for research sake, right? I mean…a free drink is one less drink he has to buy me. I’m in.

  3. Haha! That’s actually an excellent idea!! X

  4. i LOVE how in your last comment on your last post you say something like “i am not looking for a guy who just wants sex”, but now you preach (once again) finding men at bars.

    You need to make up your mind: men at bars especially are just looking for booty to bang.

  5. I think you an I have a lot in common, except that I don’t want to date/fuck/marry guys – although I appreciate the order which you’ve chosen to put those three in.

    I’m always the prompt one in the group so I end up at the bar solo. When you’re there by yourself waiting for friends you have two things going for you…if there’s only one stool next to a cute girl you can sit down without worrying about having find 3 open seats at the bar, and you can play the “I’m meeting up with friends” card – as long as they actually show, you’re not a creep. When they show, you ask for her number and then go hang out where there’s room for you and your friends to sit.

  6. I MEET GUYS AT BARS. It’s awesome. I’m less of a prick when I’m drunk.

  7. THIS IS SOO GOOD… I want to try.


    Hannah Katy

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