Why Budget Car Rental is like a man

This past weekend, I took a long overdue trip to see a fabulous friend.  Having survived a hellacious break-up and many snowed-in days spent mulled up in my apartment, I was overdue for a weekend of boozing and schmoozing with hot men.

But Budget car rental put a damper on my weekendation.  Perhaps the people at Budget are getting back at all those customers who broke up with them and took their business to Enterprise, but instead of slashing their ex’s tires, they just charge new, unsuspecting customers a five hundred-dollar hold on their debit card if they so choose to date…ahem, rent a car.

Now if I was rich, this probably wouldn’t be a problem.  But I’m not and thanks to those Budget bastards, I was really “in the hole” when it came to cash.  I guess the red flag should’ve been the company’s name: Budget.  It’s like a guy who says, “I’m not an ass hole,” – a fucking lie.

Thankfully, I drove the shit out of the car, landed in Charleston in one piece, and drank my face off, thanks to my amazing friend and her credit card.  But not to worry – I was still coherent enough to turn away the two undergraduate “boys” who hit on me.  Plus one creepy old guy. 

Like every d-bag I encounter, Budget will not be given a second chance.  Life is too short to waste time and money I don’t have, just to end up getting screwed.  And I’ll be back to Charleston – in the summer, when all the frat boys are hibernating somewhere expensive with their popped collars and plaid shorts.


~ by citygal on April 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Why Budget Car Rental is like a man”

  1. Oh wow, that is so not cool! I agree, dump them just like a d-bag and move on!

    PS, I love Enterprise!

  2. I like the metaphor, it works very well. No one wants to be screwed by their car rental company or by their man, but I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the situation by putting some miles on the car and having a good time regardless.

  3. you didn’t even tell me you were coming. thx. thx a lot.

  4. Budget once tried to bill me for damage to a car that was already damaged when they gave it to me. When I returned the car the guy asked for my credit so they could put a hold on it for the damage – I told him no and if he wanted to take it any further he could take me to court. I think that’s why they put the hold on your card – in case you ding it up, they can just pull from the hold.

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