Television: The New Four-play

There’s nothing I love more than cuddling on the couch with my man after a long day of work.  In fact, this is something I often looked forward to and I would eagerly send my boyfriend text messages reminding him that, “New episode of Real Housewives on tonight!!” To which he’d respond, “Bethany is a raging bitch…I can’t wait!”

You know you’re in love when you’ve found a man who isn’t ashamed to admit his love for idiotic reality shows.  But although it’s nice, being able to view Duff’s latest cake creation on Ace of Cakes while your dude makes snarky comments about how “that shit is not edible,” at what point does T.V. replace those butterflies in your stomach?  Is T.V. the new four-play?  Or is it just something couples do after the newness wears off?

Admittingly, I’m not a big T.V. watcher – but my ex was, and thus, my shows became our shows and vice-versa.  He even joined Netflix so we could watch all seven seasons of Entourage quicker, each receiving the next disc in the series.  Clever, huh?! 

However, nowadays, as I sit alone on my sofa eating a fudgesicle, the closest thing to a dick I’ve seen in months, I flip through the T.V. channels in disgust.  Ugh…Hoarders…we used to make fun of all those crazy pack-rats.  Curb your Enthusiasm…Larry David is one funny bastard…remember that episode with Wendy Wheelchair?  Oh shit, I’m talking to my pillow because I’m alone.  Nevermind.

Although I watch far less television now, I realize that essentially, T.V. did take away quite a bit of bonding time my ex and I could have had.  Yes, laughing at ridiculous millionaires on Millionaire Matchmaker was fun, but other than a talking point at dinner, what did it accomplish in moving the relationship forward? 


In future relationships, while I am still looking for a man who will tolerate an episode of Glee every once in awhile, I refuse to let the T.V. replace any type of four-play.  Until then, I’ll continue avoiding certain shows, and instead, entertain myself with trash that I thoroughly enjoy: Fly Girls, anyone?!


~ by citygal on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Television: The New Four-play”

  1. I always enjoy watching TV together because it creates converstion opportunities based on what’s going on. I had the same thing going on with the ex, although she hated when I’d start a discussion about something that was going on and she’d have to pause the show. I realized after that all that TV watching hindered us from going out and doing fun, active things together – In the future I will focus on having a good mix of fun and TV. BTW…I hope that popsicle was good.

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