You get what you don’t pay for

Most of us singles have tried online dating.  We’ve stalked thousands of profiles and paid the $40 a month fee to do so.  Or, we’ve created something like ten different profiles with different e-mail addresses just so we could get the FREE three-day trial.  Perhaps we’ve met a few awesome people along the way, but mostly, our “winks” don’t go beyond that awkward e-mailing stage, in which we either decide that we’ll let that hottie buy us a drink, or that those profile pictures look waaaaay too free of flaws to not be airbrushed.

If you’re like me, the thought of shelling out any more hard-earned cash to a dating site that promises they’ll find your life partner (or you’re money back), is beyond frustrating.  Aside from loving any extra money I have to spend on luxeries booze, I also value my time.  And I’d rather not waste a perfectly good Saturday night filtering through profiles of men, some of whom have been on the site for years with the same profile picture.

So, I was a tad bit excited when a buddy of mine told me about a FREE dating site.  You may have heard of it – OkCupid.  Since I was quite nosy and especially lonely one Saturday afternoon, I decided to put my shit out there.  Of course, I also wanted to see what kind of guys were on the site…poor guys? Ugly guys?  Sketchy guys?  Hmmmm, couldn’t be any worse than a dude, right?!

Honestly, the selection wasn’t half bad.  One strapping young man even sent me a rather witty correspondance.  We spent the entire afternoon e-mailing and then he vanished.  Guess the ass hollish men aren’t just limited to the paying sites.

Eventually, I realized I didn’t have the patience or the right mindset to be on a dating site.  Moreover, I feared that all my sifting through profiles would eventually lead me to something the gals at my daily read, Shmitten Kitten, discuss – my ex’s profile, complete with a cropped photo of him at Thanksgiving dinner, that phantom hand around his waist, mine.

Perhaps I shouldn’t expect much from a free dating site.  But  at least it gives me something other than Facebook to stalk.


~ by citygal on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “You get what you don’t pay for”

  1. I never join any dating site, even the free one, because I think all the guys there are lame. Or maybe this is only the case in my country.

  2. Agreed. I am constantly disappointed with dating sites, but every now and then I play the fly to their buzzing blue light of dating success posibility and I get myself burned. There’s another free dating site out there you can test out. It’s called That’s plenty of fish, not plenty offish, but I’ll let you be the judge of that 🙂

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