Four words I’ve never heard

When a gal is of a certain age, say late twenties/early thirties, and she’s single, beautiful, successful and possibly perfect, people usually think that she’s has no trouble meeting men.  Due to cheesy romantic comedies, some might go even as far as presuming that she’s turned down a few proposals.  Those four little words, Will you marry me? have probably been thrown at her by sensible guys, but none of them were the one.   “She’ll find her knight-in-shining armor,” friends think – she’s too amazing not to.

Let’s back this fairytale up a bit.  Here I am, on the crux of turning 30, and not one single man has ever asked me to marry him.  Hell, drunk men haven’t even slurred this phrase to me.  So why do the media, and perhaps even those bitches in real life, act like many single women who have their shit together, are single by choice, thus giving off the sentiment that men throw themselves at us, just not the one?!

I don’t know what world these “been proposed to x number of times” women are living in.  Or what kind of men they are dating?  Seriously, where are these marrying-type guys?  But I do know that just because no man has ever officially asked to make me his wifey, doesn’t mean I’m diseased or even insane.

Actually, both of the men in my past two serious relationships told me they “Want to marry me.”  But then a few months passed and apparently, they changed their minds. 

At first I thought this was something I could control.  But I am not about forcing someone to be with me, especially since “forever” is a long ass time.  Truth be told, although these guys wanted to marry me in theory, they never put it into action.  And that’s probably for the best in the long run.

So maybe one day some man will get on his knees, and instead of trying to undo my pants, will pull out a box filled with bling.  A girl can hope!


~ by citygal on April 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “Four words I’ve never heard”

  1. Ugh. I hate how as you get older, you can’t help but think about how you’re not married and everyone else is, and how that’s the one thing that will get you frustrated and upset even though all other parts of your life are perfectly fine.

  2. Completely agree, TV and moves give this image of real life that is completely absurd. Love and marriage are things that definitely are not better when rushed though and eventually the right person will break out that ring.

    In the meantime you should take solace in the fact that there are probably other guys out there (guys you’ve worked with, been friends with, or just know from the gym) that are probably thinking “I would marry that chick” but they don’t have the guts to pop the question.

    • And where do men like this find the guts? Perhaps there should be store that sells them. It would be called “Guts for guys.” 😉

  3. or maybe he will “pull out a box filled with bling”!!! ahahah

    maybe you scare perfectly good men away with your awesomness…or maybe there are a lot of good men out there that you dismiss on first blush. like in hitch. what? i liked that movie!
    and movies only show the pre-marriage part for a reason – its not as glamorous as you women think. and weddings are a waste of money. oh you complain now, but money problems are the number 1 cause of divorce.

  4. I really enjoyed this post.

    Take one of my favourite shows – Sex and the City. I don’t know anyone who has such ease meeting and getting the guys. Even if they are single, beautiful and fabulous.

  5. Oh boy. I’m so not allowed to respond to this post, am I? I turned my husband down the first time he asked me. (Not with ‘no’, more with ‘not yet’… but still. I made him ask me twice.)

  6. Yeah, I’d love to hear that from some men, even though I still don’t plan to marry soon yet

  7. Guts for Guys? Genius. I’ll start looking for space to lease.

  8. I feel the exact same way. Both my previous serious relatonships spoke marriage talk but they never got down to actually being realistic about it. It stinks. I know you shouldn’t accept a proposal just cuz someone proposes, but it makes you wonder how on earth some women get proposed to multiple times and say no. Crazy.

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