Proof that public transportation was designed by a man

We all know that bus route that only comes twice an hour, but never at its scheduled time.  Even though we look on the city’s sub-par public transportation website to confirm the arrival of a bus, we’re still left standing with a group of shady strangers at a bus stop, most of whom are conversing at obscene decibles on their cell phone about their baby-daddy drama. 

Of course, this is also the instance when we need to be someplace on time.  Like work.  Or a meeting.  Or a first date with a guy whose profile picture looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal.  And the bus is LATE.  And we’re annoyed.

And then there are those times when we’re not in a hurry.  On these occasions, there are always an abundance of buses, trains and trolleys.  Cabbies even honk at you. 

Okay, so creepy cabbies always try to pick you up.  You’re used to it.

Anyways…it seems as if public transportation was certainly designed by a man.  Think about it – the men you don’t want to date seem to be the most interested.  Those you spend hours-on-end fantasizing about are not calling you.  When you’re waiting for the bus you want, it never comes while all the routes you don’t want whiz on past you.

I guess that cliché, “When it rains, it pours” is somewhat true.  But in my case, it’s raining douschebags. 

Today I received a random text from a man, who two weeks ago, I clearly told I did not want to date.  I could already see that I would not be a priority in his life, and to me, that’s a dealbreaker.  Yet clearly, he is compelled to date me.  His text, “What’s up, Citygal?” was innocent enough, but in my opinion, came across as desperate. 

Perhaps women aren’t the only beings who have a hard time letting someone go, even when they’ve made it clear that they don’t want to be with you.  But why do we dwell on these relationships that will never exist, even if they maybe once did?

Sure, some people might categorize this man as a go-getter – he’s determined to go after what he wants.  While determination is an endearing quality, at what point does it comes across as desperation? 

At any rate, I won’t be texting him back.  Silence is my weapon of choice in this case.  But the bus?  Yeah, I’ll still be waiting on that bastard.


~ by citygal on April 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Proof that public transportation was designed by a man”

  1. “When it rains, it pours” but I hate the dry spells.

    Also, I’m pretty sure public bus drivers conspire with our dates/bosses to make us late for things. And then they film us waiting at the bus stop, checking at our watch every few seconds, sighing frustratedly, and they eat their twizzlers and laugh at us. Because they’re mean.

  2. YES! Why do people talk at obscene decibles on their cellphones?
    IT’S A CELLPHONE. Your mouthpiece is like right next to your mouth. THEY CAN HEAR YOU. Some people have no common sense what-so-ever.

    And yes, why isn’t Ryan Reynolds calling me…

  3. Ha great post – so happy to have come across your blog =)

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