It’s dinner, not a date

Last night, as I waited for my non-date to arrive at the bar, an older man (I’m talking like 60’s) bought me a beer.  In my mind, I was thinking “I should go on more non-dates!”  As I shot the shit with old guy, my male friend finally showed up and alas, our non-date began.

My Alagash White was slipping down my throat like water.  And when I start feeling tipsy, I talk.  A lot.  As non-date and I were conversing, I learned that I had earned the nickname “pukes-in-sink” from our last “date” back in January.  Apparently, the story I told about how I barfed in a dude’s sink, then proceeded to make-out with him, kinda let my non-date know that I just wanted to keep him in the “friends” category. 

We laughed about how awkward our first date had been, and I admitted that I am bitter and a tad angry towards men.  I even told him a little about my ex and was intrigued and delighted by the insight he gave me.  I mean, he is a dude, he should know why men do the things they do, right?!

I began to think my non-date and I could really be friends.  Having single guy friends is awesome, because while they’re not boyfriend material, they kind of fill that boyfriend void.  Plus, they buy us lots of drinks!

As I visualized our soon-to-be friendship, my non-date shocked me by saying, “I want to take you on a date.” 

Um…no.  Apparently, our non-date made him realize that he actually might want to date me.  I told him that I do not want to date.  Anyone.  He would not accept “No” as an answer.  I played it off jokingly, telling him I was busy for the next three weeks.  (which is true).  I also said if we did go out again, it would be as friends.  If it involved food, we would call it “dinner, not a date.”

The thing is, although I am not very into the dating scene right now, this is not a guy I would want to date.  His mannerisms are just too feminine for me, some of them.  And I really don’t think I could get past that.  So I will continue to be firm and he will stay in that “friend” category. 

Now, are there any men worth dating out there?! Sigh.


~ by citygal on April 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “It’s dinner, not a date”

  1. Interesting that he realized he wanted to date you on a non-date. Sigh, if you find any dateable men, ask them if they have any brothers or friends for me!

  2. first off, he didn’t think you were datable because you only made out with him instead of sleeping with him? and i’m sorry, but puke making out? really? nasty.
    second, why are you still getting so drunk that you are puking? really? i mean, i drink A LOT, every freaking day it seems like. next: please post this on your blog. you women…jeez.

    FINALLY: does it count if the tatooed “suicide” girl currently asleep in my roommate’s bed (what, his is nicer and he’s out of town), just quit being a stripper? i think it should still count…

    • A.) This all happened over a year ago. I am too old for the drinking/puking combo now.
      B.) I had needs. This guy met them. Boy, did he meet them.
      C.) Why do you still have a roommmate?!

  3. Isn’t it funny that when you remove the possibility of intercourse or the thought of “this person’s trying to get in to my pants” from an encounter you have a much better time. I think it will be interesting to see how you have to approach things from here now that you’ve turned him down. You know that you always want something more when you can’t have it. Sometimes it messes with your mind.

    I hope that this guy can overcome that, because you’re right…it is nice to have a platonic friend of the opposite sex to fill the void, as long as you don’t let the comfort of the friendship keep you from pursuing other options.

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