I got your number with my cheesy pick-up line

“Can I interest you in a steak dinner?”

A guy friend of mine claimed that this pick-up line had worked twice for him.  I was skeptical, but then he confessed that he only said it to a certain type of woman:  Someone who’s attractive, but not girlfriend material. 

Intrigued, I thought it would be fun if we had a contest.  I am very competitive.  And I had just downed a shot of Jameson. 

My pal and I would both use the line on unsuspecting, drunk possibilities, and whomever scored a number first, won.  There was no prize – just the glory.  And oh how I wanted me some bragging rights.

After bar-hopping to a few hot-spots, my pals and I decided it was time to bust out our intoxicated dance moves.  When “Party in the U.S.A.” came on, I spotted a crew of men and decided to go in for the kill. Guys who dance to Miley Cyrus are a rare breed.  One guy was totally wasted and actually asked me if he could hit on me.  I declined, thinking he was probably too gone to get my steak dinner line.  But his friend…not so much.

I had found my prey and kept making eye contact with him – he was interested.  I nudged one of my guy buddies as a witness, then poured on the classiness, uttering my “steak dinner” line.  Tragically, the music was too loud and I had to repeat it.  But…it worked!  In fact, the guy even gave me his business card and wrote “steak dinner” on the back of it.  Then he bought me a beer.  I felt kind of bad, knowing that I really wasn’t going to be taking him to a steak dinner.  So I told him about the contest and my victory, and as a good sport, he laughed and told me to call him when I wanted to go to a baseball game – he would take me and I could buy him a beer and we’d call it even.

Victory was mine!  It smelled like spilled beer, but I had won!!  And if I wanted, I could have a real date out of it. 

But ladies, here’s the thing – while I had this man’s business card, he never asked for my number.  All in all, he wasn’t that interested – and neither was I.  Sure, he might be hoping that I call him.  But I won’t.  Why?  Because when a guy is interested, he will move mountains to contact you.  While I’m a gal who goes after what she wants, it’s about high time that men start coming after me.  Because I deserve that…and perhaps, an elegant steak dinner too!


~ by citygal on April 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “I got your number with my cheesy pick-up line”

  1. I think I may try this line out.. ha ha. I will let you know how it works out. And you are right about the number… I will give a number but I won’t take it… A guy needs to make the first contact in my book. They need to insert the effort in order to intrigue me I guess ha ha.


    Hannah Katy

  2. What a fun contest! I think you proved your point to be sure- if a guy really wants you, he’d better be coming after you!

  3. Haha! Well played! I’m hoping the guy didnt ask for your number because he knew it was a bet and maybe thought you werent that in to it? God, I hate that I root for these guys! x

  4. first, if you had come to my city we could have house dance party night with milly ray and lady gaga on every night of the week.
    second, guy’s are a lot easier than you are pretending. you just have to, as a woman, basically have a pulse. seriously. all the make-up, fashion, looking goodness is for ya’ll, not us. we are sooo easy! ahaha

  5. or they can also pretend not to be interested, knowing that you might call out of intrigue… or not. 🙂 that’s pretty awesome though.

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