You can’t meet people sitting in your apartment

A few nights ago, a friend and I sat in my apartment downing a bottle of Moscato and eating one of the few edible entrees I can cook: homemade macaroni and cheese.  As we fed our appetites, we realized that despite our amazing lives, we were still hungry for something more. 

In the past few months, both of us have had it rough on the course of love.  And while dissecting our love lives is oftentimes therapeutic, it’s also exhausting.  After several glasses of wine, both of us were a little depressed and a lot bitter.  The fact is, no one can change the past – so why dwell on it? 

Easier said than done, especially when you’re a tad tipsy.  But at this point in my drunkenness, I was feeling rather optimistic and stated, “You can’t meet people sitting in your apartment.” 

Okay, well technically, you can.  It’s called online dating.  I’ve been there, done that and for about 8 months and thought that I would one day be one of’s success stories.  Turns out, I’ll probably end up being a lifetime subscriber.

Truth be told though, meeting people these days is all what you put into it.  The only way not to be that sad girl your friends don’t want to hang out with is to get your ass out there and socialize, even when you feel like lying around your apartment in sweat pants watching Dancing with the Stars.

If you live in the city, finding something to do is super easy.  My e-mail inbox is constantly filled with event updates of going-ons in and around town.  Not only do I get excited when my Blackberry vibrates and I have “new mail,” but my weekend social calendar can be filled to the brim, if I so choose. 

Yes, we all need time to reflect/cry/deal with the emotions left behind by some guy who broke our hearts.  But the busier you are being happy, the less you’ll find yourself curled up in the fetal position, tears streaming down your face.

So, at the very least, get out of your apartment.  Go to a coffee-house.  Grab lunch with a friend.  Be “wing-girl” for your guy pals as you watch them drunkenly hit on undergraduates.  Get on with your life – meet a man who’s worthy of being with you – for forever (or maybe just for a night!)


~ by citygal on April 1, 2010.

One Response to “You can’t meet people sitting in your apartment”

  1. “just for a night”? ahha! yeah. i’ll believe that.
    you should party with me. somehow there was the limo with the drug dealer, me a finnish guy and a french guy from the strip club last night to the secret underground private club at holiday inn around 7am this morning. (YOUR) just not hanging out with the spontaneously cool people.

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