Super Motivated or Super Jerk?

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m getting older and my tolerance for dealing with bull shit is growing thinner.  Or maybe I’ve grown a set of balls. 

Oh good – just checked.  No balls.  But a backbone? Yes, I have one of those.  And when it comes to douschebaggy men, I’m not afraid to use it.

After two dates with a man who was clearly way more interested in spending time with his 3G network than he was with me, I let him know (via text, of course) that we wouldn’t be seeing any more of each other.  Actually, he sent me a pre-mature text about snuggling together, which made me all but vomit in my mouth, and prompted me to end things on the spot.

Days pass and, horror of horrors, he texts me a “What’s up?”  Now, it was the weekend, so naturally, I had plans – with myself and a bag of that pre-made Bertolli pasta.  So, perhaps out of sheer boredom, I responded to him announcing my “dinner plans.” 

No response.

Until three days later, when this exchange ensues:

D-bag: “It’s a shame, I was kinda digging you.”

Me: “Oh really? Well that wasn’t easy to tell.  If you are into someone you respect them enough to be on time and not be on your phone.  It’s unattractive and rude.”

(People at the coffee shop are now wondering why I have a huge grin on my face…because I’m being a huge BITCH and it feels good!)

D-bag: “Wow!”

Me: Still reveling in my bitchiness and feel no need to respond to him.

D-bag: “I like your bluntness.  I get it but just bad timing, too bad.  Apologize if you felt that way.  Just super motivated with my business…your a good girl.”

Me: “Appreciate it.  Good luck with the business.”

At this point, I realize two things: 1.) I will no longer allow men to make excuses for unacceptable behavior and actions; 2.) He doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” which ultimately would’ve ended any relationship we might have had.

If a man has to make excuses for himself, even if he is super motivated, he’s a super jerk for not making you a priority.  And really, you’re too smart to be with a man who failed the homophone section of his SAT’s.


~ by citygal on March 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “Super Motivated or Super Jerk?”

  1. You have just won my heart (even more than before)for being bothered by his grammar mistake!
    I had a guy send me this text message to ask me out: U wanna met 2morrow @ 9?
    No joke. I texted back: No, thank you, not interested.
    Commas and all!

  2. It’s funny…I also think a guy that is obsessed with his phone more than his girl is unattractive. But even worse? NOT KNOWING HOW TO USE YOU’RE and YOUR!!!!

  3. Definitely sounds like a jerk. I can forgive grammar mistakes for people I like, but when I’m already thinking otherwise, it just seals the deal.

  4. I would X him straight away anyway for having a conversation like that through text messaging. And grammar is so key, you are right. Biggest pet peeve: The use of “U” instead of “you.”
    Good for you though.


    Hannah Kayt

  5. you are one smart woman. i also hate when guys pay more attention to the blackberries than their date.

  6. Oh wow, you’re good ! My standards are drastically lowered when I get bored.. but you’re right, it’s no excuse to endure this bullsh*t ! Good for you 🙂 Onto bigger and better things 😛

  7. Wow, we’d get along great. I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Now if you’re not duly impressed already, I ALSO know the difference between “their” “there” and “they’re.” On top of all that I don’t even own a cell phone. Yes, the swooning may now commence ladies.

  8. Yeah…we’re definitely the same. Pet peeve! Learn grammar, dumbass. At least he didn’t write “ur”…poke my eyes out.
    Good for you for getting out and for telling him what’s what.

  9. it’s a txt msg. maybe he couldn’t fit an upper case comma into the msg. but regardless he should be calling you’re cell phone, not txting it (^_^)

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