Loneliness and boredom…you suck

One of the pitfalls of being single are those times when you find yourself lonely and bored, perhaps watching an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker that you’ve seen three times already.  You’ve stalked your Facebook account at least ten times in the past hour, went for a run, and watched a really bad movie in your Netflix queue.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the skies are overcast and although you ventured to the neighborhood coffee-house, that cup of joe caffeinated your bones and now you’re even more bored than before.

Perhaps it’s just my personality and my desire to be busy most of the time – or maybe I’m just really lonely.  Thinking back to all of my relationships, although there may have been times my boyfriend and I were “bored,” it wasn’t the kind of boredom that made me want to poke my eyes out.  Because really, when you’re with someone you love, even doing nothing is fun.

Yet, while I do like my alone time, I find that nowadays, it just makes me more depressed.  While I don’t need the company of a man, it sure is nice.  But until I find a man worthy enough to share in my boredom and fill this gaping void in my life, I’ll do my best to make light of these lonely days…by stalking hot men in coffee houses.  Kidding.  Kind of.


~ by citygal on March 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Loneliness and boredom…you suck”

  1. Ha ha! Love the end to this post. I would love to stalk hot men in coffee shops with you , sounds like a great new sport…


    Hannah Katy

  2. Tell me about it. Each and every word. Ugh. I don’t even have hot boys to stalk at coffeehouses where I currently am!

  3. I think the thing I miss most when I am single is not having someone to do stuff with. When you’re in a relationship, you always have someone and you never have those moments of “what the hell am I going to do tonight?”

  4. Argh, tell me about it. It can be SO boring .. I actually feel like stiring up some drama just to stop being so bored. lol

    I watch movies, a lot of movies. Bad movies, good movies, foreign movies, documentaries. I can recommend some good ones if you’d like 😛

    But stalking hot men actually sounds like a great idea. I’ll get on that tomorrow 🙂

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