Dudes who love their phone

I love modern technology.  In fact, I will go as far as saying I’m addicted to it.  But I can put down my blackberry for the length of dinner and not start shaking from withdrawal. 

However, I recently went on a date with a guy who could not.  As I sat alone while this man’s trip to the bathroom took at least 10 minutes, I sipped on my wine and realized he wasn’t taking a huge ass dump.  My suspicions were confirmed when he came back to the table, phone glued to ear.  With half  of my entrée down the hatch, he whispered “Sorry!”  I gave a slight smirk, signaling that this was not okay. 

Once he finally removed his ear tumor, he stated that his last relationship ended due to him being a workaholic. Shocker.  Then he uttered this sentence: “I’m hoping to meet a woman who makes me want to put down my phone.” 

Well obviously, I was not that woman.  However, he did try to convince me that I could be.  “It’s only our first date…I and this deal is really important. I’m so sorry.  It won’t be like this next time.” 

Wait – he assumed there would be a second date?  Hmmmm…excuse me, Mr. Cocky, while I check my phone for any messages. Shit, no one loves me.  But not-so-fast, Citygal!  I love me!  And even if this dude does love his job and his phone, he could have scheduled the date for a night when he was not doing business. 

I deserve better and this experience reminded me to stop selling myself short.  If he loves his phone now, before he’s even shared an appetizer with me, then chances are, that network map floating above his head won’t go away, even for a fabulous woman such as myself. But hey, thanks for the free dinner, dude!


~ by citygal on March 18, 2010.

One Response to “Dudes who love their phone”

  1. Oh wow. Yeah phones on a date is sooo not cool!

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