I’m not here…

Today you can find my post here.  Yes, I’m that awesome that I also contribute to another blog.  I’d like to think of it that way, versus the fact that I am just too darn lazy to have any more insightful thoughts for one day.  Enjoy…


~ by citygal on March 10, 2010.

One Response to “I’m not here…”

  1. about your other post: it’s the classic lover/beloved problem. But really, there is only so much that, from the position of the lover, you can try in a relationship, or try to please the beloved, or get them to like you more. for each lover that level is different but for me (being a man) there is a positive correlation between how much i try in a relationship and how hot or interesting the girl is, and in some cases how possible it is to get them into bed – that is i will try harder if she resists the goodness, but only to a certain point. I’ll try harder and longer to bed a hotter/more interesting woman than with a less attractive/interesting girl(hey, its not just ME, this is all men!). I am not just saying interesting to pay lip service to all you feminists out there either. My current interest is much more interesting than she is hot. I know citygal likes to think of herself as a hottie, but COME ON! (*_^)wink

    haaha. but seriously.

    I suspect the goals of women [as lovers] are different but not unrelated to trying to get a man to settle or change some of his less desirable traits: being flaky, partying too much, not man-scaping…

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